Italian comic artist Claudio Castellini was born March 3, 1966

Castellini made his debut in 1989 with a story for Dylan Dog, a popular Italian horror character published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, which was followed by another one in the September of the following year. In 1991 he was the graphical creator of Nathan Never, a science-fiction series for which he drew covers until number 59.

His love for technical details, influenced by artists like Neal Adams and John Buscema, was at its best in his first story for Marvel Comics, a Silver Surfer graphic novel written by Ron Marz. After covers for Comic Powers Unlimited and Elektra Magazine, a stint on Fantastic Four Unlimited (1993-1995), he worked to the crossover Marvel vs. DC, which made him popular to the American audience.

Castellini latest works include Spider-Man, Conan the Barbarian and Batman: Gotham Knights.

Works Dylan Dog #30 and 48 (1989-1990)
Nathan Never #1 (1991)
Best Comics #34
Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts (1996)
DC versus Marvel/Marvel versus DC (1996)
Peter Parker: Spider-man #77 (1997)
Conan and the Stalker of the Woods #1-3
Dark Horse Presents #137 (1998)
Star Wars Tales #1-2 (2000)
CrossGen Chronicles #1 (2000)
Batman: Gotham Knights #19